Château Croix-Mouton

Château CROIX MOUTON 2016 | Bordeaux Supérieur | red | 75cl

Photo for illustration purposes only. Vintage sold: 2016
Château CROIX MOUTON - Château Croix-Mouton - 2016 - Rouge
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Alberto Voyageur et goûteur de terroirs

Un millésime de qualité pour un vin bien réalisé.

The wine Château CROIX MOUTON is a red wine produced in the Bordeaux region in France, by Château Croix-Mouton. This 2016 vintage comes from the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation. It is sold on TWIL at €12.70 per bottle of 75cl, from the minimum of 12 bottle(s). Its ideal tasting temperature is 17°. Its producer, Château Croix-Mouton, produces 57 wine(s) available for purchase.


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  • Appellation

    Bordeaux Supérieur

  • Keeps

    5 years

  • Service



    30 min.

  • Grape varieties

    Cabernet-franc, Cabernet-sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Petit verdot

    Culture type

    Reasoned agriculture





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Château Croix-Mouton

2016 | Bordeaux Supérieur | Rouge | 75cl



Bordeaux is the largest appellation contrôlée wine region in France. Its temperate ocean climate and favourable soils enable it to produce wines of great quality, derived mainly from the red grape varieties Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, and from the white grapes Sémillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle. There's something here for every wine lover. Wines such as Médoc or Saint-Emilion, with their matchless reputation, can be laid down for years – some of them reach their peak after 50 years of maturing! As a result, certain Bordeaux wines are among the most expensive in the world. Located on the banks of the Gironde, the Bordeaux wine region is divided between its left and right banks... so chic! How about a little drive along the Garonne to visit some of the most prestigious vineyards in France?

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Good to know
  • Winemakers

    Listed 4330 winemakers

  • Production

    6 million hectolitres per yer (80% red wines + white wines (dry, sweet and fortified), clairet and crémant rosés)

  • Area

    117 200 ha

  • Soil and subsoil

    Gravel, clay-limestone, sand

  • Grape variety

    Reds and rosés : 6 red grape varieties authorised under appellation contrôlee: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Carmenère

    Whites : 5 white grape varieties authorised under appellation contrôlee: Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, Muscadelle, Colombard, Ugni Blanc, Merlot Blanc