Wine Bordeaux

The AOC Bordeaux is a regional appellation, which covers the entire Bordeaux vineyard, i.e. more than 42,000 hectares! Red, rosé and white wines can bear this appellation, although reds represent 75% of the total production. Read more on Bordeaux
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Appellation Bordeaux

Bordeaux AOC, the best-selling appellation in the world

An appellation located in the entire wine-growing area of the Gironde department, Bordeaux covers no less than 42,600 hectares and produces red, rosé, dry and sweet white wines.

Vines have been present in the region since antiquity. Bordeaux wines really took off when the King of France, in the 13th century, decided to turn Bordeaux into the privileged port for exporting wines to England. The vineyard continued to expand as the sweet white wines produced in Bordeaux were highly valued and therefore much bought by the Dutch. The region has not lost any of its glory, as AOC Bordeaux is now the best-selling appellation in the world.

The main grape varieties are cabernet sauvignon, merlot, petit verdot and malbec for making red wines, and muscadelle, sauvignon blanc and semillon for producing white wines. The vines benefit from an oceanic climate, and are planted on very diverse soils given the size of the appellation. The majority of the soils are gravelly and clay-limestone.

Bordeaux wine tasting

So much diversity for this appellation, which produces red wines, rosés, dry and sweet whites.

AOC Bordeaux red

Red Bordeaux wines have a garnet colour. The nose is mostly characterised by red fruits, such as raspberry and blackcurrant, and there is also violet. The palate is supple, fruity and not very full-bodied, although there are subtle differences depending on the blend. These wines are best enjoyed in their youth. Red Bordeaux wines are very good with cold meats, pizzas or home-made burgers. For cheeses, they are best paired with Comté or Gruyere.

AOC Bordeaux rosé

The rosés of the appellation have colours ranging from salmon to pale red. The nose is fresh, with red fruit aromas. The palate is round, light, acidic. Bordeaux rosés are a good match for summer salads, savoury tarts, grilled vegetables or even paella.

AOC Bordeaux whites

The dry white wines of the appellation have a brilliant yellow coat. The nose diffuses fruity and floral scents, with lemon, white flowers and peach. On the palate, it is a very dry wine, with good balance as well as a pleasant roundness. Dry white Bordeaux wines go wonderfully with seafood, grilled fish, tartiflette or goat's cheese.

Sweet white Bordeaux wines have a more intense yellow colour. The nose offers parfumes of citrus, yellow flowers and exotic fruits. The palate is sweet but remains light and refreshing. For a more original pairing, it can also be paired with seafood, the salty side blending very well with the sweetness of the wine. Sushi will also be sublimated by a sweet Bordeaux.