Domaine Coillot

Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2014 | Bourgogne | red | 75cl

Photo for illustration purposes only. Vintage sold: 2014
Bourgogne Pinot Noir - Domaine Coillot - 2014 - red
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Ce domaine est à suivre. Le style de Coillot est assez classique mais aussi très séduisant.

The wine Bourgogne Pinot Noir is a red wine produced in the Bourgogne region in France, by Domaine Coillot. This 2014 vintage comes from the Bourgogne appellation. It is sold on TWIL at €17.90 per bottle of 75cl, from the minimum of 6 bottle(s). Its ideal tasting temperature is 16°. Its producer, Domaine Coillot, produces 6 wine(s) available for purchase.

Product details
  • Appellation


  • Keeps

    3 years


    To drink now.

  • Service


  • Terroir

    Clay and limestone.

    Grape varieties

    Pinot noir



Tasting notes
  • Appearance

    A rich color, purple and with ruby ​​highlights.

  • Aroma

    On the nose, the bouquet opens on a basket of red and black berries (strawberry, cherry, blackcurrant, blueberry).

    Wine Fruity

  • Taste

    Very lively on the palate, structured, the back supple and round. Volume, flesh.

    Wine Lively | Round | Soft

Food and wine pairings
  • Starters


  • Meat

    Meat pies, poultry or a pot-au-feu.

  • Fish and seafood


  • Vegetables

    Vegetables in salad.

  • Cheeses

    Cooked cheese like gouda.

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Domaine Coillot

Bourgogne Pinot Noir
2014 | Bourgogne | red | 75cl

Domaine Christophe Coillot


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Blessed with a rich heritage, Burgundy produces 200 million bottles a year of a great variety of beautifully distinctive wines. There are red wines for laying down that pair wonderfully with poultry, while the superior "grand cru" vintages go well with game. The whites are well rounded and even in flavour: the Chardonnay is admired worldwide, and the drier Chablis should be laid down for 4 or 5 years to reveal its full glory. Burgundy's winegrowers have used their know-how and tradition to bring the best out of their complex and variable environment. They are true artists.

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Good to know
  • Winemakers

    Listed 1595 winemakers

  • Production

    1.5 million hectolitres

  • Area

    28715 ha

  • Soil and subsoil

    Rich and complex, at the intersection of influences from the continent, the Mediterranean and the ocean

  • Grape variety

    Reds and rosés : Pinot Noir (34%), Gamay (10%), César

    Whites : Chardonnay (48%), Aligoté (6%), Sauvignon, Pinot Beurot, Sacy, Melon