Champagne Bernard Figuet

Cuvée Spéciale No vintage | Champagne | sparkling | 75cl

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Cuvée Spéciale - Champagne Bernard Figuet - No vintage - sparkling
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Antoine #winelover chez Twil

Un Champagne traditionnel avec un excellent rapport qualité-prix-plaisir.

The wine Cuvée Spéciale is a sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region in France, by Champagne Bernard Figuet. This No vintage vintage comes from the Champagne appellation. It is sold on TWIL at €14.99 per bottle of 75cl, from the minimum of 6 bottle(s). Its ideal tasting temperature is 9°. Its producer, Champagne Bernard Figuet, produces 7 wine(s) available for purchase.

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  • Appellation


  • Keeps

    5 years

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  • Terroir

    A predominantly limestone composition gives the vine a constant natural irrigation

    Grape varieties

    Chardonnay, Pinot meunier, Pinot noir

    Culture type

    Reasoned agriculture



Tasting notes
Food and wine pairings
  • Starters

    Raw ham, cheese or large prawns. Avoid dishes that are too salty or too sweet.

  • Meat

    Foie gras, poultry casserole, white meats in sauce

  • Fish and seafood

    Oysters, seafood platters, seabream tartare, sushi, sashimi or shellfish

  • Vegetables

    Fricassee of porcini mushrooms

  • Cheeses

    Beaufort, goat and sweet cheeses

  • Desserts

    Desserts made from fruits, fresh fruits. Avoid chocolate.

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Champagne Bernard Figuet

Cuvée Spéciale
No vintage | Champagne | sparkling | 75cl

Champagne Bernard Figuet


It was in 1910 that Robert Figuet born, the founder of the House. During the interwar period, he joins Raymonde Bédel. Both have some

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A little bit of history: it all started in 1927. At that time, only traditional grape varieties from the Champagne region were authorised to produce the wine called Champagne, in order to ensure quality standards. That was what made this sparkling wine unique, setting it apart both from other wines made in the region and from other sparkling wines. Today the Champagne appellation contrôlée region encompasses 3,400 ha and four major subregions: Côte des Bar, Vallée de la Marne, Côtes des Blancs and Montagne de Reims. There is a difference between the Champagne houses (or merchant houses) and Champagne winegrowers. The former are at the root of Champagne's fame around the world, and they produce big-name wines that are instantly recognisable. The latter cultivate their own vines and occupy their own place in the wider chain of production. There are a multitide of different Champagnes to suit every festive occasion for the wine's many fans. Brut, dry, white, "grand cru", vintage or rosé – how do you like it?

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Good to know
  • Winemakers

    Listed 703 winemakers

  • Production

    90% sparkling wines, 5% red wines and 5% rosés

  • Area

    26 000 ha

  • Soil and subsoil

    Limestone (constant natural irrigation)

  • Grape variety

    Reds and rosés : pinot noir, meunier

    Whites : Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Arbanne and Petit Meslier