Domaine des Vallettes

Vieilles Vignes 2017 | Bourgueil | red | 75cl

Photo for illustration purposes only. Vintage sold: 2017
Vieilles Vignes - Domaine des Vallettes - 2017 - red
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Pauline #winelover chez Twil

De jolies vieilles vignes de 60 ans qui ont fourni des jus concentrés, très aromatiques, c'est élégant !

The wine Vieilles Vignes is a red wine produced in the Vallée de la Loire region in France, by Domaine des Vallettes. This 2017 vintage comes from the Bourgueil appellation. It is sold on TWIL at €15.00 per bottle of 75cl, from the minimum of 1 bottle(s). Its ideal tasting temperature is 18°. Its producer, Domaine des Vallettes, produces 18 wine(s) available for purchase.

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Domaine des Vallettes

Vieilles Vignes
2017 | Bourgueil | red | 75cl

Domaine des Vallettes


In the 2000s Antoine and François Jamet regain Domain Vallettes that had been created by their parents in 1986. These two young winema

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Loire Valley


With a wide diversity of soil types and a climate that ranges from oceanic to continental to slightly mountainous, the Loire Valley is France's third most important winegrowing region. It encompasses several subregions – the Nantes or Muscadet subregion, Anjou, Touraine and Saumurois – and produces red, white and rosé wines of unequalled quality. There are some real marvels on offer, and nothing beats a good shellfish platter accompanied by a Loire Valley white with sweet apricot flavours, or a plate of meat matched with a rich, rounded Anjou red – not to mention the sparkling wines, produced by the Champagne method much appreciated in the region, which show themselves to best advantage with a desert. They say there's nothing better in life than a good bottle of wine in a Loire Valley restaurant. Want to put the theory to the test?

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  • Winemakers

    Listed 1302 winemakers

  • Production

    4 million hectolitres per year

  • Area

    70 000 ha

  • Soil and subsoil

    Vey diverse soils in the Loire Valley vineyards (schist, limestone, sand, clay, gravel, granite, etc.)

  • Grape variety

    Reds and rosés : Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grolleau, Gamay, Pineau d'Aunis, Pinot Noir, Côt

    Whites : Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc, Melon, Chardonnay