Paul Jaboulet Aîné

La Petite Chapelle 2012 | Hermitage ou Ermitage | red | 75cl

Photo for illustration purposes only. Vintage sold: 2012
La Petite Chapelle - Paul Jaboulet Aîné - 2012 - Rouge
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    Jean Marie Quarin
Robert Parker

Robert Parker Critique en œnologie

Presque meilleur que tous les Hermitage La Chapelle élaborés ces dernières années"

The wine La Petite Chapelle is a red wine produced in the Vallée du Rhône region in France, by Paul Jaboulet Aîné. This 2012 vintage comes from the Hermitage ou Ermitage appellation. It is sold on TWIL at €39.99 per bottle of 75cl, from the minimum of 1 bottle(s). Its ideal tasting temperature is 16°. Its producer, Paul Jaboulet Aîné, produces 389 wine(s) available for purchase.




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    Hermitage ou Ermitage

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    10 years

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    Reasoned agriculture



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Paul Jaboulet Aîné

La Petite Chapelle
2012 | Hermitage ou Ermitage | Rouge | 75cl

Rhone Valley


In the former we find strong wines in beautiful colours with warm, spicy notes, produced by vineyards that stretch 4,700 ha along the Rhone. The latter, with an area of 71,000 ha, is much more important, and this is evident of course in its annual producation of red, rosé and white wines quite unlike those of the Northern Rhone. Numerous grape varieties are used here to match the rich but diverse terrains. All of them yield colourful, fruity reds and full-bodied, aromatic whites. A distinguishing feature of Rhone Valley wines is that they are grown in soil made up of 4 different types of rock, the advantage of which is that it regulates the vines' drainage and gives the wines their unique character. Hence the origin of historically famous wines such as Hermitage or Châteauneuf-du-Pape – still a pleasure on the tongue today.

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Good to know
  • Winemakers

    Listed 1421 winemakers

  • Production

    3 million hectolitres per year of red wines, rosés, dry and sparkling white wines, and natural sweet wine.

  • Area

    75600 ha

  • Soil and subsoil

    Hills and plains, clay-limestone. Rich and varied terroir that produces highly distinctive wines.

  • Grape variety

    Reds and rosés : Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre

    Whites : Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne, Bourboulenc, Clairette