Twil’s pricing policy



Our starting point is simple: the more intermediaries there are, the more the end customer pays. Our goal is therefore to get rid of intermediaries and put winemakers in direct contact with consumers.



The vineyard price is the price set by the winemaker themselves, just as if you were buying their wine on the estate. With Twil, the vineyard price is a fair price that is not just attractive to the consumer but also fully recompenses the winemaker for their work. We endeavour to offer the majority of our wines at vineyard prices. However, if you see a price that seems incongruous, please don’t hesitate to let us know by email, and we will do our best to raise the matter with the winemaker in order to provide you with the best possible service.



You might also come across what are called “pro prices” on Twil. A “pro price” is the price set by a wine industry professional who is not themselves a winemaker. Some winemakers have neither the time, set-up nor staff required to make their own deliveries to your wine cellar. In such cases, Twil lists professionals who can help you to buy the wine. We seek out those who are closest to the winemaker, to minimise the number of intermediaries as far as possible and to offer you the best price. Please note that in such cases, supplementary delivery charges may be necessary, since professionals do not always offer free delivery (although many do).