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It is in the heart of the Graves that the Château d'Arricaud sits. Its two centuries of viticultural history make it a reference and allow to see and taste all the richness of its past. Committed to respecting its heritage, the estate offers visitors wines that reflect their terroir and the know-how of the little hands that work for its success. Find out more
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An estate steeped in history and noble values

Centuries old, the Château d'Arricaud estate was born in the 18th century under the impetus of Count Joachim de Chalup, an influential man of the time in the Bordeaux region. It is to him that we owe the current aspect of the property which was the subject, over the decades that followed, of enlargements and modernizations. The Bouyx family, which has been running the estate for three generations, continues to pursue this quest for quality and excellence by enhancing and developing the estate. Isabelle Bouyx, surrounded by her team, perpetuates the ideal of Joachim de Chalup through noble values. Indeed, respect for the environment of the vineyard is paramount and through its High Environmental Value (HVE) certification, Château d'Arricaud is committed to respecting the soils of its crops, preserving the surrounding biodiversity, which only promotes optimal development of the vine, and implementing healthy practices for both the winemaker and his neighbors.

A terroir worthy of the greatest names in wine

Spread over 23 hectares in a single block, the Château d'Arricaud estate enjoys the diversity of its soils, which are exploited in a studied manner in order to guarantee the maturation of the fruit. Each parcel is studied geologically and the grape varieties are planted so that each variety is the most adapted to its soil. Thus, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot are found on the upper part of the estate where clayey gravel reigns, while Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle flourish at the bottom of the slope on clay-limestone soils. The climate, combined with the geology and the know-how of the company's teams, ensures optimal ripening of the grapes. Indeed, the experts apply ancestral methods that have proven themselves and continue to delight oenologists today because of their relevance.

Subtle and expressive vintages

Château d'Arricaud gives birth each year to great wines, apprehended differently according to the vintage and its specificities. Vinified from Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle, the Graves Supérieur surprises with its powerful nose and notes of apricot and honey despite its dry character. The Château d'Arricaud Blanc Sec is more marked by citrus notes, but remains aromatically intense. Its red equivalent reveals fruity and spicy notes with robust tannins that are found in the house's great red wine in a more voluminous form. The latter has a powerful and complex nose with aromas of red fruits and vanilla due to the light wood ageing of the cuvée.

The château's wines have a good ageing potential, varying from 15 years for the grand vin and the superior gravels, to 10 years for the Réserve du Comte or 8 years for the dry white. Moreover, these vintages can be used to make very good food/wine combinations. For example, a duck breast can be paired with the Réserve du Comte 2016 (with its frank and spicy fruit). A salmon tartar will magnify the dry white 2019, which stands out for its lemony, citrus peel and herbaceous notes.
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