Champagne Gratiot-Pillière

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Champagne is a wine region full of nuggets, and Gratiot Pillière is one of them. An ancestral family saga in which 11 generations have handed down the keys to the estate, with one and the same objective: to provide an unforgettable experience. Find out more
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A fabulous story awaits us when we take a close look at Champagne Gratiot-Pillière. Founded in 1657 on the slopes of the Marne Valley, no fewer than 11 generations have contributed to the estate's development over the years. At that time, the name was not yet what it is today. The estate has lived through everything over its many centuries: revolutions, various diseases, frosts and, of course, the two World Wars.

These were fateful times for the estate, which rose again and again to continue its winegrowing adventure. This story resonates on the hillsides of the Marne Valley, where the estate is located. A turning point for the estate came in 1969, when Jean-Claude Gratiot and his wife Françoise Pillière founded Gratiot-Pillière and officially adopted the name.

Today, Olivier and Sébastien Gratiot work the 18 hectares of vines they inherited. They don't forget the past and the sacrifices made by their predecessors to maintain this house over the centuries. Indeed, their work ethic seems to pay homage to those previous generations. Very methodical, our two protagonists give birth to wines focused on freshness, elegance and beautiful fruitiness.

Tasting its champagnes, it's easy to see why Gratiot-Pillière has established itself as one of the benchmarks in this highly competitive region. Moreover, it stands out for its commitment to viticulture that aims to have less impact on the ecosystem, with two certifications: HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale) and VDC (Viticulture Durable en Champagne).
Registered since 28/03/2019
8/10 avenue Fernand Drouet ,
02310 Charly-sur-Marne
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