Le Pourpre 

Fresh and Gourmet Cuvées

Wines with surprising profiles, vins pourpres represent the emblem of a new expression of Bordeaux wines. These cuvées combine classic revisits with unpredictable flavors. Surprise guaranteed!

Which grape varieties for these atypical wines ?

Produced from preserved Bordeaux terroirs, these cuvées are the fruit of a selection of older grape varieties (including Malbec, Carménère and Petit Verdot) and single-varietal cuvées from old vines.

Tasting notes

To be enjoyed young and chilled, around 17°.

These wines offer an original, supple taste profile, with highly expressive fruit aromas, peppery notes and smooth tannins. A truly new taste experience!

Food & Wine Pairing

Unexpected flavors for a red wine that's perfectly suited to new consumer trends: vegan, flexitarian, vegetarian.

And for gourmets, it's perfect with white meats in sauce.

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Le Rubis 

Light and Fruity Cuvées

Ruby-coloured wines are characterised by their freshness and fruitiness, making them an easy pairing. It's the perfect bottle to have at home for any special occasion!


Production of ruby wines

Harvested early, the grapes are matured for a short period in barrels or stainless steel vats. When blending, it is the expression of the fruit that governs. Through these wines, the estates, co-operatives and trading houses commit to a consistent quality of production, vintage after vintage.


Tasting moment

Real ready-to-drink wines, you can enjoy them very young (up to 3 years) to keep their freshness on the palate. Fruity, ruby-red wines offer a nose of wild berries and a well-structured yet light palate.


Wine and Food Pairing

A pleasurable wine that will stand on its own as an aperitif with friends.

Afterwork or barbecue, these wines are perfect for any impromptu moment.

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Le Grenat 

Velvety and Balanced Cuvées

Garnet cuvées embody an emblematic identity of red wine, and are often in the majority in production. Timeless, they convey both notions of tradition and renewal. Structured wines, they offer a pleasant concentration of aromas and the promise of balance.


The origin

Garnet wines have been part of Bordeaux wine history for 2,000 years, and are the region's must-have cuvée. Made from a blend of Bordeaux's most renowned grape varieties, it is mainly the oldest vintages that display this hue. This is because, during bottle ageing, the pigments (anthocyanins) precipitate out, giving the wine a beautiful garnet hue.

Which grape varieties?

These cuvées are made from a blend of the best-known Bordeaux grape varieties (Cabernet Franc, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot). They may also be made from the same grape variety. The vintage also influences the profile of these cuvées.

A tasting date?

Garnet wines can be enjoyed fairly young, and can be kept for 5 to 10 years! Indeed, these cuvées develop over time, and so do their aromas.

Food and wine pairing

Whether it's a hamburger with a good red meat or a more elaborate bistronomic dish, these cuvées go well with many dishes.

Our watchwords: simplicity and refinement!

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Le Carmin 

Refined and Complex Cuvées

The carmine cuvées are truly iconic signatures that preserve the tradition of the Crus Classées of Bordeaux. Exceptional wines from both the négociant and estate houses, it is essential that you taste them at least once in your life...


Excellent expertise

These "haute couture" wines are made using advanced and innovative techniques. And they are always made with quality in mind, with tailor-made choices at every stage: micro-parcel selections, manual harvesting, maturing for several months in French oak barrels.

What's more, these wines bear witness to the excellence of Bordeaux's terroirs and expertise!


Let's get on with the tasting!

The bottle: it would be a shame not to take a closer look! Very often, the labels mention the exceptional nature of the wine: grand cru classé, cuvée prestige, grande cuvée, etc.

These wines are a powerful red, with a deep, dense colour. On the palate, they offer finesse, length and aromatic richness. Alongside notes of ripe black fruit, there are subtle hints of toast and even vanilla.


Food & Wine Pairing

Go for meat dishes.

Because of their great ageing capacity, it would be wiser to save them for special occasions. But it's up to you to decide when that is!

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