Beaujolais terroirs

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18 Mars 2024

What is a terroir ?

A wine-growing terroir is a group of plots of land in the same wine-growing region, sharing the same climatic conditions, soil type and production techniques, all of which contribute to the specificity of the wine produced and marketed.

The region is divided into two main wine-growing zones: Haut-Beaujolais to the north, where vines flourish at higher altitudes, and Bas-Beaujolais to the south, where the climate is slightly milder. Each sub-region makes its own contribution to the richness and diversity of Beaujolais wines.


The Beaujolais region

The Beaujolais region encompasses a variety of terroirs, each with its own appellation. This emblematic region in the Rhône department is renowned for its characterful wines and unique terroir. Between the city of Lyon and Burgundy, Beaujolais offers a picturesque landscape of rolling green hills dotted with vineyards, where winegrowing tradition blends with generous nature.

Beaujolais is famous for its Crus, which represent the pinnacle of quality in the region. Each Cru has its own identity, influenced by the soil, microclimate and specific viticultural practices of the area.

Among the most renowned Crus are :

Moulin-à-Vent: Renowned for its robust, full-bodied wines, this Cru is often compared to Burgundy wines for its ability to age.

Fleurie: Known for its delicacy and floral bouquet, Fleurie produces feminine, elegant wines, perfect for accompanying refined cuisine.

Morgon: Appreciated for its structure and depth, Morgon offers wines rich in black fruit aromas and great ageing potential.

Each Cru offers a unique taste experience, reflecting the subtleties of the terroir and the expertise of local winemakers.

Passionate winemakers

Many winemakers adopt environmentally friendly practices, favoring organic and biodynamic cultivation to preserve the richness of their terroirs.

In addition, the region explores new winemaking techniques while preserving the traditional methods that make the reputation of its wines. Beaujolais winemakers seek to best express the quintessence of their terroir, using methods such as carbonic maceration to reveal the freshness and vivacity of the grapes.

The qualities and variety of its wines, the Beaujolais region owes it to the diversity of its terroirs as well as the passion of its winemakers, a unique know-how that will delight your taste buds!