Le Pourpre

Fresh and Gourmet Cuvées

16 Septembre 2023

Wines with surprising profiles, vins pourpres represent the emblem of a new expression of Bordeaux wines. These cuvées combine classic revisits with unpredictable flavors. Surprise guaranteed!

Which grape varieties for these atypical wines ?

Produced from preserved Bordeaux terroirs, these cuvées are the fruit of a selection of older grape varieties (including Malbec, Carménère and Petit Verdot) and single-varietal cuvées from old vines.

Tasting notes

To be enjoyed young and chilled, around 17°.

These wines offer an original, supple taste profile, with highly expressive fruit aromas, peppery notes and smooth tannins. A truly new taste experience!

Food & Wine Pairing

Unexpected flavors for a red wine that's perfectly suited to new consumer trends: vegan, flexitarian, vegetarian.

And for gourmets, it's perfect with white meats in sauce.