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The Mumm family has been in the wine business since 1761. Originally, it was Peter Arnold Mumm, a German banker, who decided to start this business. The Cordon Rouge cuvée is the signature cuvée of the House of Mumm. Find out more
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The winemaker

Mumm champagnes,the story of a Franco-German Dynasty

The story begins in Germany, in Cologne. It is thanks to the production of an exceptional Riesling that the Mumm family becomes known and then becomes one of the great fortunes of the viticulture. His three sons would follow in his footsteps and create in 1827, in association with a French producer, G.Heuser and a German investor, F.Giesler, an equivalent activity for Champagne in Reims. The company was then called P.A MUMM Giesler and Co.

It was not until 1852, when Georges Hermann Von Mumm - grandson of the creator - took over the management of the company, that the name became G.H MUMM.Under his leadership and thanks to his passion for travel, the house would become the first exporter of Champagne. Thanks to him, the house will take a major turn towards modernity. He decided to invest in innovation and in stone by buying new and more modern premises.

It is he who will create and register the "Cordon Rouge" brand that is today the graphic signature of the House of Mumm. It is the famous red band arranged diagonally on the labels. He and his successor, Georges Robinet, a family friend, will be for recognized for their social advances. Indeed, they provided housing and education to the families of the wine workers. grands crus and bring back to honor mythical vineyards. Since 2005, the House of Mumm belongs to the Pernod Ricard group.

The characteristics of the Mumm Vineyard

The Mumm vineyard represents 218 hectares spread around Reims and Ay. 160 hectares are classified as grands crus. But this represents only 25% of the needs of the production of Mumm champagne. For the remaining 75%, the brand sources from loyal independent winemakers.

The climate of the region is rather continental with an oceanic influence. This causes cold, harsh winters and temperate summers. The days see rain, hail, fine days and average temperature. However, the sunshine remains very correct with about 1600 hours per year. The vines grow on various soils between clay, marl, chalk, sand and limestone. This is what allows us to obtain exceptional and powerful wines.

Like all Champagne Houses, Mumm uses the grapes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier Noir. The combination of the three, with the predominance of Chardonnay allows for the creation of champagnes of character with incomparable flavors. The House of Mumm offers us champagnes Bruts, Demi-sec, Blanc de Blancs and Rosés.

Mumm and its grape varieties

The Chardonnay Blanc is the grape variety most present in Mumm champagnes. It is the one that brings freshness and bitterness. It particularly likes the chalk soils of the Montagne de Reims. Its small yellow berries bring aromas of citrus, hazelnut and touches of aniseed.

The blue berries of the Pinot Noir, bring power and body to the champagne. It is an exceptional grape variety that requires a lot of dexterity and care. It brings more intensity and is distinguished by red fruit aromas.

The Meunier Noir, more juicy, gives the champagne more character and roundness. It is also recognized by its red fruit aromas. It is a powerful grape variety that prefers clay soils.

The house of Mumm produces its champagnes thanks to its own production and the purchase of vines from independent winegrowers who have followed and supported it for many years. This is how the Chef de Cave manages to create perfect blends.

Mumm, a know-how between tradition and innovation

Beyond the passion of the Chef de Cave and the winemakers, the House of Mumm has understood the importance of respecting the vines and their environment. To obtain quality champagnes, it has opted for a traditional work respecting the method of champagne vinification. The extraction of juices gently, the vinification in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks, fermentation, stirring and then aging on laths and disgorging, the House Mumm likes to follow all the steps by taking the time necessary not to rush the production.However, it was the first to create a wine research laboratory in 1870. Today, it still works with INRA, CNRS and Méteo France to develop new production and analysis processes and holds several scientific patents.

The great wines of the House of Mumm

Here is a small selection of Mumm's signature Grands Crus for your upcoming events.

Mumm - Cordon rouge

This is the flagship cuvée of the house. It is a balanced wine with a beautiful vinosity. The predominance of Pinot Noir provides structure and power, followed by the elegance of Chardonnay and the fruitiness and roundness of Meunier Noir. Its bubbles are numerous and active and its golden color is brilliant. On the nose, we can distinguish aromas of peach, apricot and exotic fruits and then we discover warmer notes like caramel, brioche and vanilla. On the palate, it is lively and fresh. It is a full-bodied wine with a nice roundness in which we find the aromas already mentioned.

Mumm - Blanc de Noirs

This is a recent champagne made from a subtle blend featuring Pinot Noir. It is an intense and powerful wine that is ideal for your special meals. Its copper color gives way to an aromatic nose. We distinguish effluents of dried fruit, nougat, coffee and a touch of vanilla. In the mouth, we find the nougat to which are added aromas of yellow fruit, honey and brioche. It is a structured and smooth champagne.

Mumm - René Lalou

This is a very great vintage that is being snatched up at a premium. It is the perfect balance between Chardonnay and Pinot Noir at 50/50. Its golden and brilliant dress reveals bubbles of a great delicacy. On the nose one appreciates its reminders of yellow fruits then nougat and spices. On the palate, it is a fresh champagne with aromas of candied fruit and citrus.
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