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This house known for the finesse of its bubbles works wonderfully with the pinot which is at the heart of the blends and vintages of the house. The Deutz house has several signature cuvées, such as the Deutz Brut Classic, which characterizes the style of the estate, with a beautiful freshness of fruit in the mouth and a well-studied vinosity. Special and classic vintages such as the Cuvée William or the Cuvée Amour aim for excellence, with superb aromatic complexity and depth. The Brut rosé also stands out for its elegance and gourmet approach. Find out more
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The winemaker

The vineyard of the House of Deutz

The domain of the Maison Deutz extends over 45 hectares around the town of Ay in the Champagne region. On soils of chalk, marl, limestone and clay, the vines grow in a semi-continental and semi-oceanic climate characteristic of the Champagne region. This implies cold and difficult winters and temperate summers. Rain, hail, good days and average temperatures alternate, but the sunshine remains correct with an average of 1600 hours per year. It is the combination of all these elements that allows to create powerful and aromatic wines.

The House of Deutz uses the traditional grape varieties of Champagne, namely: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier Noir. The blending of the three, with a highlighting of Pinot Noir in the majority, gives birth to powerful and tasty wines.

Deutz offers us a very wide range of brut, demi-sec, Blanc de Blancs and Rosés. wines.

The history of the Deutz champagnes

Deutz is above all a story of friendship. William Deutz and Pierre-Hubert Geldermann are two German friends born under the First Prussian Empire in 1809. Both were attracted by France, its art of living and its prosperity. They decided to immigrate in 1830. William Deutz then became a canvasser for the House of Bollinger and Geldermann, a wine merchant (trades they learned in their home country). They made their weapons and obtained all the necessary knowledge concerning the production of champagne in order to launch themselves as a duo.

In 1838, they open their wine trading house and specialize in the export of champagne to Germany. Later, they invest to buy vineyards and produce their own champagne wine. The House of Deutz & Geldermann was born. Children, grandchildren and descendants succeed one another at the head of this historic house. Marriages are made to enlarge the estate, which was common at the time. Then, the name changes to keep only Deutz. In 1983, the house Deutz is bought by Louis Roederer then by the Rouzeau family.

The grape varieties of Champagne Deutz

The Pinot Noir and its intense blue grapes is the flagship grape variety of the House of Deutz. It gives the Champagne power and body. It is a grape variety that requires a lot of care and patience, as it is of great quality, but is rather fragile. Present in the blends, it brings intensity and is characterized by red fruit aromas.

Chardonnay Blanc follows him closely to bring to the champagnes their freshness, typicality and brilliance. He particularly likes the chalk soils of the region. Its small yellow grapes bring aromas of citrus fruits, hazelnut and a hint of aniseed.

Finally, the Meunier Noir, a particularly juicy grape variety, gives champagne more character and roundness. It also stands out with red fruit aromas. It is a very powerful grape variety that prefers clay soils.

The Deutz house produces its champagnes thanks to its vineyards, but is obliged to obtain supplies from independent winegrowers in order to be able to produce in larger quantities. Its partnerships are historical and of quality to allow judicious blends.

Deutz, an authentic style

The Deutz style is a perfect blend of French know-how and German rigor. The House has been able to work champagnes very marked in vinosity by the importance of Pinot Noir while bringing more finesse thanks to Chardonnay. This style is marked by a sustainable viticulture that respects ancestral know-how and environmental necessities while privileging absolute quality. The champagnes are produced with first pressing juice and only from grand cru and premier cru vines.

The Deutz champagnes are produced according to the method of champagne vinification, mandatory to obtain and keep the A.O.C. The steps are gentle juice extraction, the vinification in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats to maintain the aromas, the fermentation, the filtering then the ageing on oak slates and finally the degorgement..

The Deutz tasting moment

We have selected a few champagnes to be enjoyed with delight to accompany your aperitifs and exceptional meals.

Deutz - Cuvée Amour 2009

This is an ample and generous Blanc de Blancs. Its clear, golden and delicate dress allows to see fine and lively bubbles. On the nose, it is a champagne with aromas of greedy pastries and white fruits. On the palate, its attack is round and elegant. It goes wonderfully with caviar.

Cuvée William Deutz

. It has a fruity and generous mouth. It is a harmonious wine with a golden hue with golden reflections and a rather dark strong. It is particularly sparkling. On the nose, it is a complex champagne. One distinguishes aromas of mirabelle plums, liquorice and hawthorn. It is an exceptional champagne which will accompany tables of great chefs and refined dishes.

Deutz - Brut Classic

. It is a fair blend of each of the grape varieties used by the House of Deutz. It is an expressive champagne with floral nuances and aromas of toast and orchard fruits. On the palate, it is fresh and smooth. Its texture is silky and leaves room for delicate aromas. More accessible, it will more easily accompany your events.

Deutz - Blanc de blancs 2013

It's a delicate and fine champagne. Its pale pink dress with silvery reflections highlights fine and regular beads. One distinguishes aromas of white flowers and a hint of mint. In mouth, it is a fresh and unctuous wine. Enjoy it with fish and shellfish.

Deutz - Brut Rosé

It is a 100% Pinot Noir wine. It offers a sparkling and luminous pink dress. Its bubbles are numerous and very active. One can distinguish aromas of red fruits and touches of brioche and minerals. In the mouth, it is particularly harmonious and ample. It is a powerful and fruity wine. It is ideal for tasting under the sun.

Take the time to appreciate the Deutz style by tasting your champagnes with passion and delight.
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