Le Carmin

Refined and Complex Cuvées

16 Septembre 2023

The carmine cuvées are truly iconic signatures that preserve the tradition of the Crus Classées of Bordeaux. Exceptional wines from both the négociant and estate houses, it is essential that you taste them at least once in your life...


Excellent expertise

These "haute couture" wines are made using advanced and innovative techniques. And they are always made with quality in mind, with tailor-made choices at every stage: micro-parcel selections, manual harvesting, maturing for several months in French oak barrels.

What's more, these wines bear witness to the excellence of Bordeaux's terroirs and expertise!


Let's get on with the tasting!

The bottle: it would be a shame not to take a closer look! Very often, the labels mention the exceptional nature of the wine: grand cru classé, cuvée prestige, grande cuvée, etc.

These wines are a powerful red, with a deep, dense colour. On the palate, they offer finesse, length and aromatic richness. Alongside notes of ripe black fruit, there are subtle hints of toast and even vanilla.


Food & Wine Pairing

Go for meat dishes.

Because of their great ageing capacity, it would be wiser to save them for special occasions. But it's up to you to decide when that is!