Château du Faure Haut Normand

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Château du Faure Haut Normand is located in Saillans and specializes in the Fronsac appellation. With the ambition to produce a modern yet classic Bordeaux wine, our small but beautifully formed vineyard is the epitome of the new wave of Fronsac vineyards dedicated to delivering wines that honor the traditions of the "Tuscany of Bordeaux". Find out more

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The Merlot vines of Château du Faure Haut Normand are gently sloping, overlooking Pomerol and St Emilion. This magnificent setting frames an estate whose wines were once among the greatest in the region. The vineyard had been somewhat neglected until we purchased it in 2018 and launched a comprehensive program of investment in the terroir and its vines. New drainage and land profiling and a replanting program to optimize quality are just the beginning. The goal - simply to make good wine.

The vineyards are managed on a daily basis by Eric Soulas; a craftsman with over 30 years of experience and a real sense for "his" vines. From pruning them throughout the year, to hand harvesting all 4 parcels, to using the smallest possible crates to minimize bruising, these are vines that are treated like the pedigrees that they are. We like to think we know a little about winemaking but our knowledge is nothing compared to the Rolland family we are proud to call our winemakers. Led by Michel and Dany Rolland, we think these guys are the best of the breed and the great wine they produce for us is all the proof we need.

A "quality first" approach, from the first buds to the beginning of the winemaking process, through a stock of barrels never more than two years old, Château du Faure Haut Normand is rising from its ashes and will once again become a marker of the great wines of Fronsac.
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Château du Faure Haut Normand 3 le Faure,
33141 Saillans
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