Domaine Martinolle-Gasparets

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Domaine Martinolle-Gasparets

The vineyard is located on the village of Gasparets, near Lezignan-Corbieres and Narbonne, in southern France (Languedoc-Roussillon region, Department of Aude) and deep in the arid territory of Corbières. The Martinolle-Gasparets area is located on the famous Boutenac terroir where products are the best wines of Corbières appellation. The climate is dry Mediterranean and extremely hot in summer, mild with moderate rainfall in winter. The soil is often swept by the 'Cers' healthy but sometimes violent wind from the north-east or bathed in the soft wet wind 'Marin' from the Mediterranean Sea located only about twenty kilometers away. All this, added to the work of the men in the vineyard and winery, gives great wines, complex and fresh, with the mark of great wines. This is why the Martinolle-Gasparets field is one of the key areas of the Languedoc. The Martinolle-Gasparets area boasts expertise very specific two families of winemakers: the Martinolle family, winemaker since the 18th century, brings all his knowledge acquired over the centuries, while Salvet family brings its knowledge of dryland the village of Gasparets.

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Planted by the Greeks and cultivated by the Romans, there are vineyards across the whole Languedoc-Rousillon region. The most interesting wines are to be found on the hillsides. Languedoc covers 42,800 ha and produces rounded, balanced wines, while Roussillon is best known for its fine traditional wines: floral, delicate whites yielded by the mild climate and the warm, dry environment. The famous ... Find out more
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