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Certified by Ecocert in "organic" wine which prohibits any use of synthetic chemicals, the area is also certified biodynamic. The vineyard is in excellent health, and respected terroir. The wines are a unique expression of vintage exceptionnelles.Chaque plots reflects the minerals that are in the ground, which are made naturally in the vineyard by billions of microorganisms that are not destroyed by herbicides and some landscape. The vine itself receiving no chemicals produces grapes intact thereby make great wines whose balance is remarkable. We are for 5 generations of women "artisans of the landscape" we are called to respect, preserve it, enhance it, develop it. The CLOSEL DOMAIN wines are real wines, terroir wines, wines of pleasure, pure and mineral wines. These are unique and unrepeatable wines for lovers of rare and original tastes, conversation wines, gluttony or gastronomy. They are exported worldwide and sold in leading restaurants and wine shops. They reflect the culture of French gastronomy, the wines are meals, so spice for the most delicate dishes. Taste our wines is to taste life, landscape and light Loire. Wines FIELD CLOSEL continue to innovate in the field of wine tourism to business tourism, marketing, respect for nature and in particular the expression of the terroir. It is a company that keeps its traditions while being totally focused on the future. The family welcomes individual clients, groups and businesses to do their share his passion for wine and culinary excellence, culture and art of living in a French chateau, with many benefits, always new events , increasingly adapted to international demand. Seminars, days and fun and cultural theme nights are offered to companies. Expertise in managing diversity and teamwork is shared in specifically corporate days. A business club is being created. The Château des Vaults wants to give an image of the France friendly, elegant and refined, dynamic, future-oriented, responsible for the environment.

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