Domaine Saint-Remy

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The Domaine Saint-Remy is a family winery that has been passed down from generation to generation since 1725. Historically located in Wettolsheim, near Eguisheim, the Ehrhart family has chosen since 2010 the organic and biodynamic agriculture for the management of its vineyard. Find out more
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A family estate

It was in 1725 that the history of the estate began, with the creation of the vineyard in Wettolsheim, Alsace. Since then, generations have succeeded one another at the head of the family estate, which has managed to root its methods in an ancestral know-how.

The vineyard is located in the vicinity of numerous communes in the region, including Kaysersberg, Eguisheim, Ammerschwihr, Turckheim and Walbach...

The estate works with all the typical Alsatian grape varieties such as Pinot Gris, Riesling and Gewurztraminer. The wines produced are declined in red, white, rosé and crémant wines. Margot and Florian have recently joined the family business, which promises the continuity of Domaine Saint Remy while bringing energy and modernity.

A biodynamic estate

Since 2010, the estate's wines have been certified as organically grown in order to take another step towards respecting nature and the terroir. The environmental commitments of the estate were further strengthened in 2011 with the principles of biodynamics governed by Demeter certification.

This type of agriculture allows us to obtain wines in which the terroir is fully expressed and in which all the aromatic richness of the terroir and the grapes can be felt. The rhythm of the harvest is not only natural but also solar, lunar and planetary. The soils are treated exclusively with biodynamic preparations such as the horn dung preparation (500) and the horn silica preparation (501). All grapes are hand picked, gently pressed and fermentations are traditionally done only with indigenous yeasts.
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68920 Wettolsheim
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