Château Valmont

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Château Valmont is a winery located in the commune of Peyriac de Mer, in the Aude department of the Occitanie region. Its owners, the Ruhlmann-Schultz family, began producing Corbières red wines to complement their wines from their original estate in Alsace. Find out more
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The winemaker

The history of Château Valmont

The history of Château Valmont begins in Alsace, in 1688, when a Hungarian knight named Ruhlmann settled in Dambach la Ville to plant vines, as well as wheat and tobacco. The farm also included cattle breeding.

The estate, created from scratch, was handed down from generation to generation. From 1980 onwards, the Ruhlmann family devoted themselves exclusively to winegrowing, abandoning all other agricultural activities.

In 2015, Louise-Anne and Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann, joined by Thomas and Antoine Schutz, challenged their parents to diversify and complete their offer of Alsace wines. It was then that they acquired Château Valmont, an estate geographically opposite Alsace, 800 kilometers away in the Corbières, near Narbonne. The first cuvée to be produced was named Aventure, to underline the crazy gamble the Ruhlmann-Schutz family had embarked upon.

The Château Valmont vineyard

The Château Valmont vineyard stretches between the pine forests and garrigue of the Corbières maritimes, not far from the Bages ponds. It covers 28 hectares of vines, 10 hectares of which were very recently planted, in 2015, when the estate was acquired by the Ruhlmann-Schultz family.

The grape varieties are Carignan, Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah. The soil is heavy and stony, composed mainly of limestone and clay.

The vineyards of Château Valmont benefit from the generous sunshine of the Corbières, which is accompanied by little rainfall, but an omnipresent wind. The latter contributes to the good health of the vines: the sea breeze provides coolness and humidity that might be lacking in summer, while the tramontana beats down on the vines and helps them get rid of parasites that could cause disease.

Since 2015, the managers of Château Valmont have been converting to organic farming and have acquired certification for its 2020 vintage. The estate is also HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale) Level 3 certified, the label's highest distinction.

Chateau Valmont wines


Aventure is the first cuvée offered by the new owners of Château Valmont. The wine boasts an intense red color, illuminated by ruby highlights. The nose is fruity, with hints of garrigue. The palate is full and complex, equally fruity, but slightly jammy.


Signature is the cuvée considered the flagship of Château Valmont. Its beautiful red color is dotted with crimson highlights. The nose is marked by black fruits such as blackberries and blackcurrants, and appears spicy. The palate is intense and ample. Its fruitiness gradually gives way to woody notes.

Set sail.

Larguez les Amarres is the rosé cuvée offered by Château Valmont. A blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre, the wine boasts a soft, pale pink color. The nose is very fruity. The palate is tasty, enhanced by a notable minerality. The finish is balanced.
Registered since 09/07/2015
34 rue du Maréchal Foch ,
67650 Dambach-la-Ville
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