Clos des Centenaires

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Le Clos des Centenaires is a winery located in the commune of Vauvert, in the Gard department of the Occitanie region. The estate, run by two winemaking partners, produces red and white wines, as well as a cuvée of rosé. Find out more
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The winemaker

The history of Clos des Centenaires

Clos des Centenaires was born from the meeting of two winemakers, Luc Baudet and Bruno François, who are passionate about their craft and see themselves as artisans of the southern Rhône terroir. They chose this estate, located between land and sea, in a valley shared by vines, century-old olive trees and oak trees, to set up and produce their wine, as much as to enjoy this magnificent environment.

At the center of the Clos des Centenaires sits an 18th-century farmhouse, Château Haute Bergerade. It faces the Mediterranean (twenty kilometers away) and the bodies of water of the Petite Camargue nature reserve, less than two kilometers away as the crow flies.

The Clos des Centenaires vineyard

The Clos des Centenaires vineyard extends over 18 hectares (all in one piece) of a hillside of Villafranchian pebbles shaped 3 million years ago by the Rhône, alluvial sands and breathable red clay. The vines benefit from the maritime climate and its ideal amount of sunshine. The mild atmosphere allows the grapes to develop with perfect regularity.

Winds alternate between the south-south-westerly sea breeze and the mistral, the prevailing northerly wind, which beats down on the vines and cleanses them of parasites.

The vines are divided between :

- Red grape varieties: Grenache Noir (30%), Syrah (30%), Cinsault (10%), Mourvèdre (10%), Cabernet Sauvignon (10%), Carignan (10%) ;
- White grape varieties: Roussanne (70%), Viognier (10%), Grenache Blanc (10%), Grenache Gris (10%).

The average age of the vines is 30 years, and annual production is around 100,000 bottles.

Le Clos des Centenaires is farmed using sustainable methods, with the utmost respect for the soil and biodiversity. To avoid chemical inputs, the winegrowers use biodynamic methods and natural compost. No chemical pesticides are used, and only natural products approved for organic farming are authorized.

The soils are cultivated with natural grass cover, and ploughing is superficial to preserve them.

The Clos des Centenaires wines

White wines

- La Bergerie des Centenaires - AOP Costières de Nimes
- Clos des Centenaires - PDO Costières de Nimes
- Clos des Centenaires - Art' blanc - IGP Pays d'Oc

Red wines

- La Bergerie des Centenaires - AOP Costières de Nimes
- Clos des Centenaires Grenache Vieilles Vignes - AOP Costières de Nîmes
- Clos des Centenaires Cinsault - Syrah - IGP Coteaux du Pont du Gard
- Clos des Centenaires Cinsault - IGP Gard
- Luxe, Calme et Volupté - IGP Gard
- Clos des Centenaires Art' - IGP Pays d'Oc
- Mélodie en Sous-Sol - IGP Pays d'Oc

Rosé wine

La Bergerie des Centenaires - AOP Costières de Nimes
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