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Domaine de la Baume is a winery located in the commune of Servian, in the Hérault department of the Occitanie region. Anchored in the heart of the Languedoc region for several centuries, its wines embody the warmth of southern France. Find out more
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The winemaker

The history of Domaine de la Baume

Like many of France's vineyards, Domaine de la Baume was almost totally destroyed by the phylloxera crisis. In 1882, its new owner, Jean Prat, found himself in charge of devastated vines left to lie fallow.

It took him more than 20 years to rebuild each plot, with the help of his sons. This is how he rebuilt a 100-hectare vineyard. In 1947, Domaine de la Baume changed hands several times, before being taken over in 2003 by Joseph Helfrich, CEO of the Grands Chais de France group. He set about developing the marketing of the wines in France, as well as internationally.

Domaine de la Baume is restructured from top to bottom, as is its management, more in tune with the environment: parcel-by-parcel characterization, night harvesting, as well as modern winemaking and ageing techniques.

Domaine de la Baume terroir

Domaine de la Baume benefits from a variety of soils, enabling it to craft varied, richly aromatic and original wines. The plateaus are clayey-limestone and clayey-sandy, while on the semi-slopes, the soils are composed of limestone pebbles. Here are some of the Domaine de la Baume wines, associated with their grape variety.

Les Maries, Sauvignon blanc.

Les vignes de Madame, Chardonnay.

Élisabeth, Viognier.

Les Vignes d'Héloïse, Pinot Noir Rose.

Les Thermes, Cabernet Sauvignon.

La Jeunesse, Syrah.

Grand Châtaignier, Merlot.

Saint Geniès, Petit Verdot.

Élite d'Or, Cabernet Sauvignon and Marselan.

Élite d'Or, Chardonnay and Roussanne.

Terres, Syrah.

Terres, Viognier.

The cuvée d'excellence Terres du Domaine de la Baume

The two Terres de la Baume cuvées make up the estate's exceptional range and are produced in small quantities. Their grapes come from the estate's best plots, named Terres de la Baume. They are rigorously selected, then aged for a year in French oak barrels.

Cuvée Terres de la Baume Viognier

As its name suggests, this cuvée is made entirely from Viognier grapes grown on plots of limestone-clay soil. The wine has a golden color with pale green highlights.

The nose is powerful. Fragrances of apricot, orange blossom, vanilla and crème brûlée are all present. The palate is round and equally fruity. Flavors of lime zest are enriched by aromas of exotic fruit. The wine offers a long finish that prolongs the freshness, with woody nuances on the last notes.

Cuvée Terres de la Baume Viognier is divine as an aperitif, to accompany white meats, then mild cheeses. It can be kept for 4 to 5 years.

The Cuvée Terres de la Baume Syrah

A 100% Syrah version, Cuvée Terres de la Baume produces a dark red wine with purple highlights. It is made from grapes grown on the clay-limestone slopes of Domaine de la Baume.

The nose is complex, exhaling scents of blackberries, along with coffee. The palate is smooth and round. It suggests dark fruit and chocolate aromas.

This cuvée goes well with grilled meats and strong cheeses. It can be kept for up to 5 years.
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