100% ROSÉ 

The Twil selection

Our partner winemakers have talent: rosés de Provence, rosés de table or rosés gastronomique, enjoy the sunny days with the selection of the Twil team. Cheap rosés or prestigious labels, you'll find what you need!

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The Roussillon summit 

Hervé Bizeul - Le Clos des Fées

Best Young Sommelier of France when he was 21 years old, Hervé Bizeul opens a wine bar in Paris a few years later. He then becomes a journalist, specialized in wine and gastronomy.

In 1997, he moved in an isolated village of Roussillon, Vingrau, in the middle of a huge limestone circus in the most mountainous area of the vineyard. He buys few vines to spend time on weekends. He meets his wife Claudine at this time and offers her to start a crazy wine project. This is how they created, without money, Le Clos des fées in 1998.

The idea of departure? Produce for friends, no big financial stakes. The first cuvées are pressed in a linen, Hervé and Claudine have no means but a lot of passion. From the first harvest, the wines of Clos des Fées are very successful. They are today exported worldwide.

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Winter Sales 

Fresh offers from our winemakers

It's not about shirts and shoes, here it's about wine ! Take advantage of our winemakers' fresh offers up to 50% off
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The highest rated wine in 2018 

Twil customers' plebiscite

A great name in a mythical bottle, the twilers are not mistaken. This wine garnered the highest rating from the community in 2018! The bottle's design, very atypical, does not prevent falling in love with the wine it contains, on the contrary. This Châteauneuf-du-Pape offers incomparable complexity, for a price defying all competition.
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Welcome to the country of Cucugnan 

Delicious altitude wines

Do not dare to tell Guillaume Boussens that Domaine de Dernacueillette is located in Languedoc-Roussillon. It is in the country of Cucugnan, perched at 600m altitude.

A great winemaker (by size, appetite and talent), an authentic character, big mouth, that the whole team met (and loved) on the Wine Fair.

His wines are balanced, with a beautiful complexity and always in finesse. This natural winemaking, without any input (just a homeopathic dose of sulfur), which allows to highlight his exceptional terroir.

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