Twil: the concept

A big market where you can find all your favourite winegrowers? That's Twil. Order your favourite wines direct via our site, with thousands of products available straight from the vineyard. And delivery is free on 6 bottles or more! Twil is also a free, easy-to-use app that memorises your latest favourite and places an order by simply scanning the wine label.

TWIL: the app
Love at first taste
1 I've fallen in love at first taste
2 I twil the label via the app
Twil: to take a photo of the label on a wine that I love via the Twil app, so as to access the product details and (why not?) order it direct from the winemaker.
I twil
Wine details
3 I access the details of the wine I love
4 I order direct from the winemaker in two clicks
Order from the winemaker
Free delivery<br>on 6 bottles or more
5 I get free delivery on 6 bottles or more
6 I relive and share my love at first taste

The website
Our website twil fr is a marketplace that brings together 2,000 winemakers and the 13,000 vintages they sell. It's also the place to find a bargain, thanks to the discounts our winegrowers offer from time to time. Lastly, it's a media outlet where you'll find interviews, wine advice (e.g. how to store it, dos and don'ts, useful information about regions and appellations, etc.) and wine-related news
L'équipe Twil
Twil is also a team of enthusiasts whose passion is to make wine accessible, comprehensible and above all available! Meet our team Arrow Right
Our story
It all started with a friendship between an entrepreneur from a winemaking family and a graphic artist who loved comics. Starting from the belief that you don't need to be an expert to enjoy a good bottle of wine, they dreamed up a tool that would accommodate individual tastes, and they built a team of wine lovers ready to reinvent the whole experience of buying wine
Our mission
To find the wines that suit you!
To offer you a unique digital experience
To enable you to buy direct from the winemakers, for delivery from the vineyard to your wine cellar
Our commitments
The biggest selection on the web
Twil provides a shop window for all winemakers without exception
Special pricing: vineyard price!
Because there are no intermediaries, Twil's wines are offered at vineyard prices: the best price for you, a fair price for the winemakers
Free delivery on 6 bottles or more
Free delivery on direct orders of 6 bottles from the same winemaker