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Born at the foot of the Sainte Victoire, near Aix en Provence, the Liquoristerie de Provence is a distillery specialized in the elaboration of alcohols, pastis, liqueurs and absinthe. Located in the Var, it works according to traditional artisanal methods and selects the highest quality ingredients to produce exceptional Provencal nectars. It has also diversified its offer by producing other types of spirits and alcohols. Find out more
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The winemaker

The history of liquorice

Founded by Pascal Rolland who wanted to revive the Provencal aniseed liqueurs and absinthes of yesteryear, the Provence liquoristerie obtained the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label in 2007, which rewards the excellence of French know-how.

The company was taken over in 2017 by Adeline and Renaud de Barry and, under their leadership, it gains new momentum. These two enthusiasts put their experience of the wine world at the service of the liqueur company. Coming from a winemaking family, Adeline de Barry notably took over the family's Château de Saint Martin, a classified growth in Côte de Provence, and Renaud de Barry's grandfather himself ran a distillery and made his French spirits known internationally.

They are committed with the same passion to revive the old Provencal nectars. Renaud will meanwhile inherit from his grandfather and he receives a priceless collection of recipes, that of the renowned family distillery run by his grandfather "la Grande Distillerie de Bordeaux, Archambeaud Frères, house created in 1920". These inspirations will enrich their vision of spirits and help them give the Provence liquorery the impetus that leads it to success.

Preserving traditional skills of excellence

The liquoristerie de Provence is one of the few to still implement the traditional know-how of the liquorists of yesteryear. It revisits ancient recipes to offer great spirits adapted to today's tastes.

Provencal liquors, absinthe and exceptional aperitifs are produced from infusions and macerations of flowers, herbs, plants and roots, where others now use synthetic flavors.

All the work of the distillery is carried out with respect for nature and the land, and each ingredient is prepared with the utmost care using traditional methods. The plants and herbs are dried and then infused separately for as long as necessary in a super-fine alcohol. They are then pressed with the utmost delicacy to extract the essence and purest aromas.

The fragrances and flavors are then blended according to secret recipes that are constantly being improved. It is a fragile and precious alchemy that is sought at each stage of production to find that perfect balance that makes the greatest nectars. The control by the tasting comes then before the filtration and possible rectifications and adjustments.

Each step of the production process requires precision, rigor and know-how, while leaving room for intuition to obtain these unique elixirs. The process also requires knowing how to let the blends rest to allow the flavors to find their balance and the aromas to melt

The ranges offered by the liquoristerie de Provence

The distillery offers exceptional Provencal specialties :
- aniseed drinks, such as the liquorist's pastis, with its complex and spicy flavors combining the smoothness of licorice with the sweetness of vanilla and enhanced with minty and peppery notes
- absinths, including the Versinthe 20 Year Old, a nectar composed of 20 botanicals combining bitter notes, the sweetness of aniseed flavors, balsamic botanicals and the character of verbena and mint.
- A wide choice of exceptional flavors with lavender, thyme, verbena or even angelica flowers.

The Provence liquor store also offers strong spirits like gins, vodka, whiskies or Italian spirits like Limoncello or Prosecco.

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