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Le Sang des Seigneurs

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Le Sang des Seigneurs offers a range of wines from the finest terroirs in the Rhône Valley. Each wine is crafted with the same objective in mind: to bring out the typicity of each terroir and southern grape variety. Find out more
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Hello, I'm Christophe, founder of "Le Sang des Seigneurs". Raised in a family of epicureans, I was introduced to the pleasures of wine and its subtleties at an early age. Over the course of thirty years, my professional adventures took me to five continents, where I gained a wealth of experience and encounters with wine and vines. I've discovered the riches offered by a plethora of appellations from the old and new worlds. From this passion and this taste patiently developed over the years was born the desire to create a range of wines for pleasure, "Le Sang des Seigneurs". Based in Provence, my work in the winery and my encounters with talented winemakers have enabled me to create a range of lively, gourmet wines with character. Each wine aims to bring out the very best of southern terroirs and grape varieties, which we carefully blend to achieve the gourmet balance of wines for pleasure. Le Sang des Seigneurs" wines are made to be shared with friends and family, and we're delighted to offer them to you today, with a price/pleasure ratio that I'm sure will win you over.
Registered since 12/10/2021
54 rue de la Bonneterie ,
84000 Avignon
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