Wine No-Breakage Warranty

Free Warranty

On Twil, you automatically benefit from the free anti-break guarantee for all your purchases. Twil insures the bottles from all the carriers who will deliver your wines to you live. Whichever winegrower ships, your bottles will be covered and delivered or refunded. On the other hand, having chosen the best possible carriers and working continuously to improve the logistics, this happens extremely rarely.


One of the important points to avoid breakage and incidents on the bottles is a quality packaging. Twil works with packaging approved by carriers, very resistant and individually protecting the bottles. For large bottle orders, specialized carriers can also be chartered to ensure an ideal quality of service.


Whether it is a breakage, an incident or a loss of package, Twil will take care of the relationship with the carrier and the winemaker: you will not have to wait for the resolution of the dispute for reimbursement or receiving new bottles. Twil will send new bottles directly to limit the inconvenience you will suffer. In the worst case, it will just wait a few more days. By default, a new package will be sent to you.

Warranty Limitation

The limitation of the warranty is related to our ability to prove the liability of the carrier in case of breakage. It is therefore essential to report to the carrier a damaged package upon delivery. Do not accept damaged packages and write reservations.

Our recommendations are:

  • Deny it completely if it is ever damaged.
  • If it is a little damaged (pax example a corner recessed), you must open the package and make reservations indicating what is noticeable. It should be noted that unopened parcels or reserves indicating "subject to unopened package" are not accepted (code of consumption). Do not hesitate to insist with the carrier if you need a minute to check the box is his role. You can also take pictures, it's always useful.
  • If you receive 2 parcels and one of them is damaged, accept only one that is in good condition and refuse the other.

How to make reservations?

In writing, on the carrier's paper or electronic slip

  • Don'ts: make reservations "subject to unpacking" or "to check", or incomplete reserves "open package" or "wet package"
  • What to do: be specific and factual. "A broken bottle out of six" or "A missing bottle out of six"

But rest assured, this is very rare. And in most cases, damaged packages are identified during transport and you will never hear about them! :-)