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Domaine de Méjane

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Since 1793, this family-owned wine estate has been nestled in the heart of the Savoie region. The Henriquet family has owned Domaine de Méjane since 1995. It is here that they produce a range of AOP wines from Savoie. The vine has been a family affair for several generations at the Domaine de Méjane. Find out more
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The winemaker

The history of the Méjane estate

It all began in 1995, when Jean, a winegrower's son, decided to buy the property which had been abandoned for almost 50 years. A winegrower and wine nurseryman himself, he decided to revive the estate. In 2000, after 5 years of renovation, Jean finally took up the challenge and welcomed his first harvest.

The Méjane estate was born. Anne joined her parents two years later with a BTS in Viticulture and Oenology. Thanks to her experience, she brings a contemporary know-how to the estate while preserving the traditions of these age-old wines. Her brother, Philippe, arrived in 2006 as a wine nurseryman.

Anne Henriquet now cultivates a vineyard of fifteen hectares which extends over several communes. She now manages the estate, accompanied by her brother and her husband. The particularity of the property is that it houses a conservatory plot of the "Vins de Savoie" union. Here, the full range of local grape varieties are maintained and developed.

The vines and grape varieties

In Savoie, vines have existed since Roman times. The Méjane estate runs a vineyard of about fifteen hectares, planted with local grape varieties. In order to preserve biodiversity, but also to preserve the varietal heritage, Anne cultivates a conservatory of old Savoyard grape varieties within the estate's walls. This is what makes the richness of the vineyard. Today, the estate has :

23 % in Altesse (Roussette)

16 % Mondeuse

16% Gamay

14% Chardonnay

11% Pinot noir

8% Jacquère

7% Persian

2% Velteliner (Malvasia)

Persan, the forgotten grape variety used for reds, was replanted by the Henriquet family and they were among the first to do so. In the huge cellar dug in the 18th century, it is possible to taste 16 wines of a range that has been awarded several times.

A passion for growing and making wine

In order to guarantee quality wines, Jean equipped himself with modern facilities and passed on his passion to his daughter, Anne. This is what has allowed her to have the will to promote the Savoyard wine heritage while preserving biodiversity. Indeed, in this domain the treatments are organic and not harmful for the insects. And to avoid the drying out of the vines, he uses pre-hormone diffusers so that the males and females do not develop.
Registered since 22/07/2015
333 rue de la Mairie Les Reys,
73250 Saint Jean de la Porte
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