Champagne Viellard-Millot

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Champagne Viellard-Millot

After a life devoted to travel around the world, his own and those of its customers, Pascale Viellard - the fifth generation - has returned to the family land to take over a rural tradition that has for centuries mixed farming, livestock horses and viticulture. The keystone of the entrance to the area announcement "POZE ​​(sic) YEAR 1822" and confirms the age of the domain. The farm is home to the exploitation of vineyards in Ambonnay, one of the 17 Great Cru Champagne. The plots are oriented south / south-east, mainly mid-slope and worked in growing, without insecticide. The vines with an average age of 40, are divided between 70% Pinot Black and 30% Chardonnay. The drawers in the house are full of letters exchanged by the end of the nineteenth century with sometimes very exotic customers, to Australia ... There is a deed of purchase of a plot of vines in Ambonnay by the great-great-grandfather Louis Narcisse Boutillier, in the reign of "Napoleon, Emperor of the French!"

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