Aubert & Mathieu

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Aubert & Mathieu is the story of two friends who are passionate about vines and wine. Their meeting gave birth to a certain vision of wine that they wish to share with as many people as possible. Their "philosophy": meaningful and environmentally friendly viticulture for modern and authentic wines. Find out more
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Languedoc-Roussillon :
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Languedoc-Roussillon :
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The winemaker

Changing the way wine is made

Aubert and Mathieu, it's an atypical story. Anthony Aubert, after having spent 6 years between Asia and New York working with wine merchants in the importation of wines, he decided to settle in Carcassonne and launch himself in the wine production. His project will quickly seduce Jean Charles Mathieu, a young graduate of ESCP who spent 4 months in a large group, eager to return to his native land.

Together, they set up shop in the middle of the Languedoc region in order to shake up the highly codified world of winegrowing in France. Their first leitmotiv is obviously the eco-responsible approach which includes carbon neutrality, support for biodiversity, eco-designed packaging, carbon offsetting...

Aubert et Mathieu is also a democratization in the world of wine, especially on its consumption, with the establishment of a packaging and prices accessible to all. This spirit also makes it possible to release more authentic and transparent wines, in that they are fully explained to consumers.

The terroir

The domain cultivated by Aubert & Mathieu extends over the most beautiful appellations of Languedoc Roussillon. It includes the AOC Terrasses du Larzac, Corbières, Minervois la Livinière and Côtes du Roussillon Villages Caramany.

Naturally, the different parcels of the vineyard benefit from a diversity of climates, soils and grape varieties. This richness of the terroirs allows to give birth to wines with varied, original and greedy profiles.

Wherever Aubert & Mathieu source from, they take care to ensure that the winemakers are dynamic, ambitious and respectful of the terroir on which they work. In this way, nature is respected and sustainable viticulture is growing in the mindsets and vineyards of the region!

In the cellar, the techniques of vinification, blending and maturation are not immutable but are adapted to each vintage so that they can best express the terroir and reveal their full potential.

The wines

Aubert & Mathieu's wines are the result of a very rigorous selection of grapes in cool, high altitude terroirs.

The hand-picked grapes are vinified in a gentle manner, with strict temperature control and controlled maturation. In this way, the cuvées produced are gourmand and authentic, and show the typicity of the soils.
Registered since 11/03/2019
22 rue Courtejaire ,
11000 Carcassonne
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